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New Treatments for 2023

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New Treatments for 2023

Seasonal indulgences can take their toll on us in many ways-Not just around our waistline!
In January, we often notice that the skin on our face and body feels dry, seems hungry for moisture, and looks dull in appearance. The good news is that there are many affordable and simple solutions to reclaim our glow, and to restore a firmer and healthier skin.

I am kicking off this month with some exciting new combined treatment packages which are focused on restoring optimum skin health using cutting edge technologies. I am delighted to now be offering a brand new Dermalux LED system-the Dermalux Compact Lite which can treat a variety of medical concerns, such as psoriasis and musculoskeletal discomfort, in addition to many other aesthetic conditions, such as breakouts, hyperpigmentation & fine lines/wrinkles. This ground-breaking & powerfully gentle treatment is also able to improve symptoms associated with SAD (seasonal affective disorder). The Dermalux Blue 415nm wavelength is also clinically proven to boost wellbeing and is a particularly beneficial standalone treatment for this common concern at this time of year.

I am proud to be offering the gold standard in laser treatments from Lynton. The Motus AY laser is not only a world leading device in hair removal, but is highly effective in skin rejuvenation, or what’s known as ‘Photorejuvenation’. This treatment improves skin texture and tone to reveal smoother and softer tactile benefits, whilst reducing pore size, and delivering an overall improvement in signs of ageing, improving fine lines/wrinkles, as well as restored firmness to skin. These results are evident over a course of treatments scheduled at monthly intervals. Typically, 4-6 treatments are required, with maintenance treatments recommended as often as necessary to give the best results long-term.

Profhilo is the ultimate treatment to tighten, hydrate and restore a natural luminosity to skin on the face, neck and body. This unique & award-winning technology delivers an extremely high & pure concentration of hyaluronic acid through the 3 main layers of the skin and regenerates 4 different types of collagen, as well as renewed elastin. An initial course of 2-3 treatments are required with a 1 month interval, which can then be maintained at either 3-4 months with a single treatment, or at 6 months with 2 treatments spaced 1 month apart.

A combination of these 3 treatments is the ultimate winter package to achieve natural and beautiful results. Contact me to arrange a consultation for this advanced cellular anti-ageing package.

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