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January-Proofing Skin

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The cold weather and recent festive indulgences take their toll on skin on the face as well as the body. Typically, at this time of year we are more concerned with dry skin, which may be itchy and uncomfortable, flare ups of eczema and dermatitis, as well as other inflammatory skin conditions. The winter weather and central heating can cause a number of skin to lose moisture, and some winter clothing fabrics can worsen irritation.  Many people are living with chronic skin conditions, such as eczema, acne, rosacea and psoriasis & winter can exacerbate, and worsen day to day symptoms-affecting quality of life, confidence and mood.

During summer months, skin is generally more hydrated as warm air holds moisture, and skin generally produces more oil to maintain the barrier and suppleness of skin. During winter, the sebaceous (oil producing) glands make less oil, which in combination with colder climate conditions, causes dryness, itching and inflammation, which can be far worse in a chronic skin condition.

Ensuring the skin barrier is well moisturised is so important, which all skins benefit from. There are many affordable home treatments that can alleviate the variety of symptoms that cold weather months can have on skin, and I have many years of experience in assessing and formulating bespoke skin journeys. There are a great many ingredients & affordable treatments which can have a hugely positive impact on skin & quality of life.

Some of my favourite brands & treatments which are available from Anna Baker Skin Clinic are Dermalux Tri-Wave MD, Clinisoothe, NEOSTRATA, Profhilo, Revision Skincare, Skinbetter Science & Skinade

Skin analysis prior to any treatment is absolutely key to really understand what’s going on beneath the skin’s surface-particularly that the naked eye can’t see. I use the Observ system which allows me to assess and make custom treatment plans

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